Extra reasons to use self-storage over Christmas

Self-storage is a low-cost flexible solution all year round, but we think there are extra reasons to hire more storage over the festive period.

Hiding Gifts

OK so you can hide your gifts in the loft, shed on top of the wardrobe or under the bed, but self storage can be a game changer for making sure no-one finds your present stash. It depends what you’re trying to hide, for example hiding anything edible in the loft or shed is probably a bad idea. You don’t want to attract vermin to your home, and no-one will want a pre-nibbled gift. If you have small gifts then finding somewhere at home is probably not too difficult, but hiding that bike, scooter or surf board might be trickier! Kids are very curious and it can be hard to keep things a secret. If you hire a small room from us (or even a locker) you will be sure your gifts are away from prying eyes.

Make room for the tree

How often have you bought a Christmas tree that looks perfectly sensible in the shop, then found out it’s huge when it’s in your front room? It happens to all of us, you are judging the size of the tree in relation to it’s surroundings, so it looks smaller in a big garden centre or supermarket. If this has happened this year you may want to remove some of your furniture to make the room work with the tree in place. Of course you’re leaving the sofa and TV, but you might want to remove a bookcase or dresser to give you a bit more space. A small storage unit can give you the flexibility to remove your furniture temporarily, and return it after the festivities have finished.

Christmas storage room
Christmas tree

Reclaim your spare room

Now more people are working from home our houses are more cluttered than ever. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room it might now be a home office, or just a place where everything ends up. During the Christmas period you’re likely to have visitors wanting to stay and you want to reclaim the spare room. It’s OK giving up the office for a few weeks and working from the kitchen table when you have to, but once the New Year has arrived you’ll want to get back to your office space again. Self-storage allows you to store your office desk, chair and storage to convert your room back to a bedroom. Then when life is back to normal, just re-instate your office again. Whatever your spare room gets used for the rest of the year you can quickly make it into a guest room over Christmas.

Small Business

Small businesses can use the extra space over the festive period to store all of that extra stock. If you’ve bought in bulk to sell as gifts over Christmas you want to make sure it’s not cluttering up your home. Store it safely and flexibly and have a great Christmas and New Year. The extra room is also useful for all of that Boxing Day sales stock.

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Christmas storage room from Mammoth