As with everything in life we have rules about what you can store in one of our storage units. Why do we need rules? Once you’ve hired a storage unit you might think it’s up to you what you store in it, we agree with this up to a point! We only have rules to keep everyone safe, let’s have a look at what you can’t store and we think you’ll agree that they’re sensible.

Food that’s not securely packed

You can’t keep food that might attract vermin. Food in a tin or hermetically sealed packaging is fine, but if rodents could smell it then you’re not allowed to store it. This is to protect our property, and the items stored in other storage containers. No-one wants rats or mice nibbling at their precious belongings.

Living creatures

I think this is quite obvious, a storage container isn’t a safe place to keep anything that’s alive. You can’t keep pets here – imagine if someone kept exotic spiders or snakes in their unit and they escaped – it would be chaos!

Anything combustable or likely to cause an explosion

Substances such as gas, paint, petrol oil, cleaning solvents and compressed gasses are dangerous to store. Vehicles are also on the list of things you’re not allowed to store, as they contain flammable liquids. If there was a fire at our storage unit and flammable substances were allowed in our units we wouldn’t know they were there. This would be a huge risk to our staff and any firefighters attending the fire. They could explode, harming any people nearby and damaging our property. For the same reason we don’t allow people to store firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition. We take safety very seriously, so this is a sensible precaution.

Anything hazardous

Chemicals, radioactive material, asbestos or anything else that might be hazardous can’t be stored. These items have to be stored in a very specific way to be safe – chemicals may be corrosive, or have to be stored within a specific temperature range. This rule is in place to ensure the safety of everyone using our storage units, and our staff.

Items that emit fumes or smells

Everyone wants their belongings to be stored in a safe and clean facility. Storing something that emits a strong odour could affect items stored in other units, this is anti-social and unfair to people using units nearby.

Anything illegal

Unsurprisingly, as we run an honest business we won’t allow you to store stolen goods or anything smuggled into the country!

Anything irreplaceable

Our storage units are secure, we have good locks, CCTV and a perimeter fence, but we don’t want to store anything that couldn’t be replaced. If you have deeds, securities, jewellery or anything of huge sentimental value it should probably be kept in a bank vault not a storage unit. You need to be sensible about how you store your items. Anything you wouldn’t store in your own home should be in a vault rather than a storage unit.

That’s it! I know that rules can be a bit boring, but these are sensible as they keep everyone safe. That way everyone can store their belongings securly, knowing they’re in good hands.